Let’s Face It…

You can only do so much as an entrepreneur.

At some point, all your grind, all your efforts, and all your knowledge will not be enough to help you GROW.


And, the more you keep pushing by yourself, the more you will keep mark-timing on the same spot.

The questions I’m usually asked every day are:

“How do I get more clients that I want to work with? The type that values what I do and are willing to pay what I ask with no problem?

“How do I work smarter so I can stop wearing all of the hats and feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid?”

“ I feel like my business has stagnated; how do I scale without burning out?”

After working with hundreds of businesses as a full-time Entrepreneur for the last six years, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve helped others overcome these same struggles to build a business that they absolutely LOVE. A business that aligns with their purpose, their values, AND brings in consistent revenue month after month.

In my experience, most entrepreneurs are the biggest bottlenecks for growth in their business. Yup, you heard that right.

As a Business Growth Strategist, I can help you:

  • Unlock the potential of growth in your business.
  • Skyrocket your lead generation.
  • Help identify where your marketing strategy is failing to hit the target.
  • Help you to create sales funnels that direct clients to your doorsteps even when you’re sleeping.
  • Support scale your business without demanding more of your time and energy.

How would you love that?

90 Minute Deep-Dive Strategy Session

These 90 minutes will feel like only 15 minutes because we will cover some of your business’s most critical aspects that might be holding you back.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • We’ll get a crystal clear picture of your present situation (We’ll make you aware of the aspects you don’t know, have ignored or haven’t acknowledged).
  • Identify a clear picture of where you’re going and what you want to achieve in your business.
  • Map out the fastest path between where you are to where you want to be.
  • We help you create your signature system or your brand to help you stand out in your industry as an authority.
  • We map out how to attract, nurture, convert your most ideal audience.
  • We map out how to deliver your products/services
  • Identify what systems you should automate and what tasks/role you should delegate so you’re building a real business working smarter, not harder. No longer in hustle mode.

By the end of the 90 minutes, your brain will be lighting up with so many ‘light bulb’ moments, and your creative juices will be flowing with all the things you can do to jumpstart and scale your business.


The 90 Minute Deep-Dive Strategy Session focuses on helping you to identify and understand your present situation, identify your desired future (your goals) and map out all the steps you should do to get there. These steps include:

  1. Brand positioning
  2. Lead generation
  3. Service/products delivery
  4. Systemizing (Automation and delegation).

VIP Day (4 or 8 hours)

Which VIP Day suits you best?

Create Your Breakthrough VIP Day:

You already have something good going. Your clientele is steady, sales are okay, your venture is up and running. But, you know it’s time to take it a notch higher. That’s where we step in.

We’ll design the blueprint you need to cross your business over the six-figure mark within the next 12 months. This includes coming up with additional income streams, raising your rates, increasing your list numbers, and bringing on board expertise help.

Make Your Leap VIP Day:

You’re growing consistently at a good rate. But it’s time for more.

More leverage, delegation, and systemization.

We’ll craft an all-rounded plan, which includes expanding your team, working with higher-level clientele, and putting your message across a broader audience.

Discover Your Signature System VIP Day:

You’ll learn the tricks behind creating and selling your signature system. Thus allowing you to package your knowledge, take a position as an expert, and add a lucrative revenue to your current venture.

Craft Your Own Customized VIP Day:

Is there a specific area in your business you would like to focus on? For example, sales funnel, automating your business, list building, etc.

We can allocate a VIP Day uniquely for that.

A Uniquely tailored day for you and your business. Think of it as an entrepreneurial version of ‘self-care’ Sunday.

The VIP Strategy and Coaching Day is an exclusive program where we work one on one on your career and business’s most essential aspects.

You get 4-8 hours of intense, focused, and conscious coaching, visioning accompanied by planning and private calls. I will give you the absolute best of what I offer as a coach, strategist and consultant.

All priorities are shifted to you and your business. Your energy, your vibe. It’s all about what matters as per now.

We’ll carefully scrutinize your business to determine all necessary changes, from the smallest to biggest. Everything that you can incorporate to bring your vision into reality quicker.

As a team, we will pinpoint your strongholds and shortcomings. Areas where there is room to add more value, revolutionize your ideal client experience, and re-excite you about your business.

You’ll leave the VIP day with a different outlook. Let’s call it a precise roadmap that gives you more focus, clarity, momentum, clients, and, most importantly, more fun.

After the VIP day, you'll have received:

  • Clarity on your goal, where you’re headed, and why. You’ll be reconnected to your vision and a clear outline of your next steps.
  • A bright and reasonable framework on what actions to take next and when. We will most likely envision all these together in the form of visual notes, customized for you. (no off the shelf solutions).
  • Resources, checklists, done-for-you templates that get you straight on point to achieving exceptional results for your business.
  • Business therapy; The unique gift of being heard, seen, appreciated, and empowered professionally and personally.
  • A scheduled 45-minute follow-up coaching one on one call after your VIP Day.

Elements Of Your Success Map May Include:

  • Desired goals and projects of the coming 90 days, or quarterly for the following 12 months.
  • Personal development roadmap- what do you need to succeed in your business?
  • Who your ideal client is; how exactly can you fulfill their needs?
  • Thought leadership strategies- from speaking, workshops, writing, social media, and live events.
  • A plan for elevating your profile, scaling up on your visibility, and reaching more people.
  • Tools and strategies required to boost your confidence and ability to spearhead your business with ease.

And so much more. Remember, all these are specifically tailored for you. We will work together as long as it takes; we wrap up between 4-6p.m.

After a week or two, we will schedule another call to go over any questions and fine-tune your action plan. However, I am also available for emails and short phone chats whenever you need them.

For You To Get The Most Out Of The Day, You Need To Be:

  • Open-minded and ready to take a deep dive into you and your business.
  • Willing to co-create your action plan; at your own pace.
  • Fully committed and set to explore a range of possibilities that will bring changes to your business.
  • Be prepared to face any fears and maneuver through blocks to start creating what you want and doing away with things that are no longer beneficial.
  • Filled with enthusiasm for what’s possible for you and your business.

So, What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

Let’s create a visual picture of how a VIP day is set:

You arrive at around 9 am, we quickly get settled ready to tackle the day head-on.

    • We start by confirming the approach we would take for the day and table all pressing issues.
    • The exploration officially begins. This is the epitome. We delve into your business, your market, offerings, marketing style, goals, lifestyle, vision, hopes, and even dreams. In the process, I ask a couple of questions to seek further clarification while simultaneously offering ideas and input necessary and helpful to you.
    • By the time we are done with the first half of the day, all the vital pieces required to steer your action plan forward are tabled. These include ways for you to leverage your vision and why you initially ventured into business and the practical realities of making it happen.
    • Over lunch, we relax. These lunch breaks are created to allow time for refreshing and re-fueling new inspiration and ideas.

In the second half, we will get in-depth on the details of your success map. With the use of visuals and all other necessary tools, we proceed to keenly map out the details of your business strategy to lead you where you want to go.

What Approach Shall We Use?

  • Desire + Vision Questionnaire- An in-depth goal setting set of questions with incredible results.
  • A Full Day Together- No distractions, two minds fully at work. We’ll cover as much as possible—everything from strategies, practical steps, and shortcuts towards achieving your goals.
  • A 45-minute follow-up call. We will hold your hand until the absolute end. With a powerful one on one call whenever you require any help to surpass roadblocks, get back on track, and charge towards your goals.
  • A stack collection of Done-For-You Templates, Checklist, Scripts, Cheat Sheets, and more. I’ll share with you different behind-the-scenes tools I use to help you save time and money in creating a more profitable business.

Logistics & Investment

With the current norm, VIP Days are conducted via Zoom until further notice. I work with one person at a time. However, I can make exceptions. In case you have a business partner or a significant other involved in your business, we can do a two on one session.

I offer a maximum of 4 VIP Days in a month. This is a sustainable number. I will give you everything I have backed up in my corner. My skills, expertise, experience, background, instincts, recommendations, and reasons why. That’s a lot of power fully-packed in 4-8 hours.

Just imagine everything we will cover in a day. Tremendous progress is definitely on the way.

12-month Mastermind

Move From Survival Mode to Thriving Mode With This High-Level Mastermind

This 12-month mastermind is LIMITED to up to 20 members (no more) who share the following values:

  • personal growth
  • continuous innovation
  • being open to new ideas
  • supporting and respecting others
  • love
  • gratitude and appreciation
  • making a difference in the world

If that’s you, perfect. You can continue reading…

This mastermind is specifically for coaches, consultants, speakers, or service-based entrepreneurs!

(if that’s you… read on.)

For those fortunate to secure a spot, these 12 months are guaranteed to give you ALL the tools and knowledge you need to move from survival mode to thriving in your business.

The Mastermind Will Focus On:

  1. Replacing the ‘self-employed’ mindset with the ‘CEO,’ leader, girl boss, and the entrepreneur mindset.
  2. Helping you adopt a business model that will help you forever forget the “feast and famine” cycle.
  3. Helping you know everything about hiring, delegating tasks, and automating systems to help you scale without doing EVERYTHING YOURSELF.
  4. Move you from undercharging and undervaluing yourself and your services to creating and selling more value and high-level, high-ticket programs to increase your profit margins.
  5. Help you learn how to expand and manage a team of A-players who will help you create your dream a reality.
  6. Help you to streamline your marketing, lead generation, delivery, and every other aspect of your business.
  7. Ultimately, help you create an insanely PROFITABLE business.

How Will The Mastermind Be Ran?

  • A 60-minute “Kick Start” Introductory Private Strategy Call (The Kickoff call is the perfect way to hit the ground running and receive a huge boost of momentum to get you started right.)
  • Private channel access to communicate with me all week long. Use this on-demand access to me to map out your next launch, get just-in-time answers and advice, uncover hidden money in your business, get clear on your marketing plan, and formulate the following steps to keep you moving forward.
  • Monthly Virtual Intensives with the Group and Me.
  • Your Accountability Partner (An Optional, Yet Incredibly Effective Way to Create Meaningful Relationships and Accountability Measures).
  • We’ll be getting together monthly to brainstorm next moves, celebrate accomplishments (SO important), map out your next 90 days, create goals and milestones, and put rock-solid accountability in place.
  • Members will get webinars and training materials to help them improve certain aspects of their businesses.

NOTE: This isn’t your typical mastermind where content is thrown at you to figure out how to use it. No. We are focused on IMPLEMENTATION!

The first thing we’ll do is make sure that your goals are crystal clear. Next, we will help you create an ACTION PLAN! Finally, we will PUSH and Support you to implement everything you learn from the team and all the training.

Why should I join this Mastermind?

Actually- you shouldn’t!

Yup. You read that right. If you’re trying to convince yourself why you should join, you possibly shouldn’t.

This is a mastermind for entrepreneurs who’re HUNGRY and DEDICATED towards growth and scaling.

Be Warned! This will be more intensive than a physical training boot camp!

So, if you’re not ready to grind and get dirty…

If you’re not ready to receive unfiltered feedback about you, your business, and areas you should improve.

If you’re not ready to TAKE ACTION…

Sadly, this isn’t the mastermind for you.

But! If you’re ready to PUT. IN. THE. WORK…

The Mastermind Will Help You:

  • Roll out a solid, doable plan for multiple streams of income to attract more dream clients without always focusing on 1:1 services.
  • Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs who support and celebrate the work you do.
  • Grow a team and master delegation, so you actually create time to unplug, shut down your computer, and simply relax (instead of feeling like you’ve just created another job for yourself).
  • Create sales funnels to promote your programs with ease and confidence. (We actually build them for you from start to finish! )
  • Match your income with the value you provide for flexibility and financial freedom.
  • Uplevel your marketing knowledge, so you consistently attract and convert a much wider audience.


Being able to give very personalized attention to my Mastermind clients is extremely important to me. That’s why I strictly limit the size to under 20 members. You’ll never get lost in the shuffle – not on my watch!
I actually turn down some people who ask to join the mastermind. That’s because I am dedicated to preserving the group’s quality and maintaining a supportive environment, motivating, HIGH VIBE, non-judgmental, and results-driven. It MATTERS.

Are You Ready To Connect With Other Like-Minded and Relentless Entrepreneurs Who’re Excited to Learn and Grow?

P.s This is more than a mastermind. It’s more of a mastermind + group coaching + networking.