More About TerDawn

You wanted to know more? Well, here it is!
I’m a digital marketing expert, a professional graphic designer, a business coach, and the CEO of the digital marketing company Creative Thought Solutions (previously known as InnovativEdge Marketing). I have worked with 100’s of entrepreneurs and businesses including AT&T, The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Caesars Casino, amongst others.

My mission is to inspire, coach, and mentor thousands of up and coming business owners to build and scale their businesses using my speaking events, my Youtube channel, my podcast- Ideas That Shape The World, and my life in general.

My journey in coaching and entrepreneurship started back in my early twenties as a teenage mom. These were some of my darkest times in life. I was in an abusive relationship, and by 2006, I had had enough of the emotional and psychological abuse. I decided to love myself and my kids more and I chose to live with my three beautiful kids and make a better life for us all.

In just a few months after leaving the relationship and getting a job and a townhouse for my young family, things turned from bad to worse. I lost my job. I couldn’t manage to pay my rent, and after receiving several eviction notices, I went to court to seek a reprieve. Instead, the court ordered me out of the house, and I was left homeless.

This is the time I hit rock bottom.

Homeless. Jobless. Lonely. Scared!

And, with three kids to feed. Sitting outside with my few belongings, I promised (actually- I swore) myself and my children that I would do everything in my power to never be in such a situation ever again.

This marked the beginning of my journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship. On my journey of self-improvement, I went through 6 majors in college which landed me in graphic design.

Taking graphic design re-ignited my passion for creativity and led me into digital marketing and full time entrepreneurship.

In October 2016, I founded the Creative Entrepreneur Academy which teaches entrepreneurs how to start and accelerate the growth of their businesses. The Academy offers live classes, home-study courses, and mentorship. Through the Academy, I have been able to reach close to 1000 Entrepreneurs in over 9 different countries.

Today, my digital marketing company- Creative Thought Solutions has grown the business from a one-woman show to a team of six full-time employees and several remote contractors specializing in finding creative solutions for companies and helping them accelerate their growth.

I’m also considered the go-to expert when it comes to Lead Generation by helping businesses set up automated ways to attract, nurture, and convert their perfect audiences. Turning them from strangers to loyal clients. My team and I focus on one of the biggest struggles of business growth, showing them how to deliver their products and services using processes and systems that allow them to scale and break through their income barriers.

I have been featured in several media outlets as a leader in my industry. I have also been able to achieve great partnerships with corporations such as Microsoft and with Organizations such as the Young Entrepreneur Institute.

Me at a glance:

  • A Profit Coach
  • Packager of High Ticket Programs
  • Client Attraction Specialist
  • Client Success Story Addict
  • Big-Time family woman
  • The lady who makes selling your expertise for premium prices crazy easy