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Alway Fresh

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Alway Fresh

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Good for health

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100% Organic Food

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Before working with Terdawn I was clueless when it came to really creating strategies and systems in my business. As a result of working with her I’ve been able to narrow down my focus, streamline my processes and crush my goals. I can honestly say I am now working smarter and not harder.
Siobhan Sudberry

BeFree Project - Clarity Cultivator https://www.befreeproject.com/

I have been running my own Private Training Facility for 5 years now and I have had to learn marketing on my own. I felt like I was ahead of the game coming from someone with no background in marketing or advertising. But I knew I reached a point where I needed to invest in a Professional in this field to help take my marketing to the next level. TerDawn came highly recommended and she over delivered! She gave me a ton of value in many aspects of marketing including my Website, Social Media, Apps that I've never heard of before, and Newsletter advice that I now feel I can add further professionalism to my brand. Working with her, she makes the process very easy and she is extremely organized in her craft. I will definitely continue investing myself into her work and looking forward to growing my business with her help and support!
Joel Younkins

Joel Younkins Training http://www.jytraining.com/

My experience with TerDawn has been amazing! I have been in business for four years and before the program I was struggling to make $3000 each month. We applied the P.R.O.F.I.T. System and implemented the strategy and I saw a return IMMEDIATELY. Within 30 days I had increased profits and was working less hours! I am so grateful for how she has helped my company grow to so far.
Shalah D. Turner

MPA Owner, Director of Strategy & Ideas Conscious Consulting

TerDawn and her entire team at Creative Thoughts Solutions are miracle workers! I had heard so many great things about her company therefore, I knew once I made the decision to relaunch my website and my brand that I would become top priority. She walked me through EVER step of the process. I was always made aware of what phase of my project they were in but we also had frequent meetings to discuss the current and future plans to ensure I was COMPLETELY satisfied. Now that the project is complete, I have seen more traffic coming to my website as well as booking more clients, customer engagement and an increase in my social media following.If you are need of branding, marketing, web designer and more, look no further! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am a client for life!
Ahshia Cavin

Freelance Makeup Artist/Owner of Makeup by Ahshia LLC www.MakeupByAhshia.com

Before working with TerDawn I was really confused about how to attract new traffic to my website, and how to get the RIGHT clientele for my brand. She showed me how to create sales funnels that actually worked, and get the right people to book with me through my website. With her help, I was also able to double the size of my email list, and increase engagement with my subscribers! I feel much more confident about marketing my products and services!
Bee Fells

Branding Bestie https://beefells.com/


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Good For You

Everything your body needs, nothing it doesn’t.