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Peace....I'm TerDawn

Your guide on this transformative journey where strategic business growth meets personal evolution. For over a decade, I've been the go-to strategist and coach for high-achieving service entrepreneurs, industry experts, coaches, and holistic healers helping them break through to their next level of success without compromising their values.

What My Clients Achieve:

Removing Mindset & Spiritual Blockages: Stuck much? Let's dive deep, friend.

Let’s tackle those hidden mindset and spiritual blocks together! It’s time to shift from frustration to flow, perfectly aligning your business with your soul’s purpose. Let’s make every decision resonate with your spiritual journey.

Discovering the Gaps in Their Business: What you don't know can hurt, right?

Time to peel back the layers and see what's tripping you up. It’s more than spotting the gaps—it's about leaping over them. We delve deep into your business, using precise diagnostics to uncover hidden barriers, then craft tailored strategies to propel you to your next revenue milestone.

Attracting the Perfectly Aligned Clients: Tired of clients who just don’t get it?

We’re not chasing clients; we're attracting the clients that you can achieve the best results with. Together, we’ll craft digital marketing magic that resonates with your perfectly aligned client. We'll draw in those who are not just interested, but the ones ready to invest real coins for your genius. Imagine working with clients who fuel your passion and appreciate your unique expertise – that’s what we aim for.

Mastering Their Messaging: Feel like nobody gets what you're saying?

Let's refine your voice to cut through the noise. Mastering your brand message is about more than words; it’s about creating a presence that commands attention, respect, and loyalty. We’ll position you as the undisputed expert in your field, ensuring your message is not just seen but felt and remembered, stamping your authority all over your niche.

Scaling Sustainably: Ready to grow but fearing the stretch?

No need for nightmares about scaling. I’ve got you! Scaling doesn’t have to mean sleepless nights and stretched resources. I'll guide you through the complexities of expansion, from automation to strategic hiring, ensuring you build a resilient, scalable foundation. Let’s build the systems and team that grow with you, turning your business into a self-sustaining powerhouse.

I've helped clients attract millions and scale without sacrificing their souls and I want to assist you too, using my 7 Pillars Of Shift & Scale.

What My Clients Say...

I'm On A Clear Mission...

Empowering Purpose-Driven Leaders to Master Their Brand, Automate Growth, and Thrive Financially with Integrity.

Picture this: It’s 2017, and there I was, five years deep in the business game, drowning in chaos.

My life? A non-stop hustle to six figures, yet it felt like I was always one step behind, missing the mark.

I was all about the grind, neglecting the real work—the soul work—and, it was never enough. Sure, the cash was flowing, but at what cost?

My mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness were on the line. Then bam! I lost a client because I missed a deadline, thanks to a depression spiral.

Talk about a wake-up call!

That moment? It changed everything. I decided to do the tough, gritty work of healing. To sit with my pain, to confront my shadows. Amidst that journey, I crafted systems that tidied up my chaos—streamlining thoughts, priorities, goals, you name it.

Then it clicked...business growth and personal growth go hand in hand.

This wasn’t just about order;

it was about transforming my life and business, catapulting my revenue like never before.

The shift was nothing short of miraculous.

Creating a method that I call, "The 7 Pillars Of Shift & Scale"; The business soared, revenue skyrocketed, and opportunities that lived on my vision board starting manifesting in real life. All because I put my spiritual health in the driver’s seat and gave my business the structure it craved.

And guess what?

I’ve been sharing these life-changing strategies, systems, and processes with my clients, helping them rake in millions.

Now, I’m here to help you do the same.

I’m here, full of the expertise, tools, and real-world experience to power you through to your next big win.

To find that sweet spot where your business booms because you’re true to who you are, inside and out.

Ways To Work With Me


Audit & Strategy Session:

Dive into the mechanics of your business to unveil hidden opportunities and optimize for growth. Perfect for those ready to refine their strategy and accelerate success.


1-on-1 Coaching (Business & Spiritual):

Experience transformative coaching that aligns your business prowess with your spiritual journey, crafting a fulfilling path to success.


VIP Day:

Immerse yourself in an intensive, all-day session focused on catapulting your business forward, tailored to yield immediate, impactful results.


Done-For-You Services:

Let my team and I take the reins, executing strategies and systems that scale your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Book TerDawn To Speak Or Teach

Why bring TerDawn DeBoe to your stage, workshop, or podcast?

Because she's the real deal, a powerhouse of wisdom with a heart of gold! TerDawn isn’t just a speaker; she’s a transformative experience waiting to happen. Her passion, expertise, and ability to connect make her a recurring favorite.

She doesn’t just deliver a speech; she sparks a paradigm shift in every listener. After witnessing her in action, you'll be thrilled at the massive value she brings to your audience.

TerDawn ensures clarity in her dense, insightful presentations, leaving attendees empowered, not overwhelmed.

Invite TerDawn to your event and watch her equip, empower, and elevate every person in the room. With TerDawn, expect a journey of transformation that will resonate long after the event ends.

Speaking Topics

  • Spiritual and Business Alignment: Discover how to harmonize your spiritual journey with your business goals, ensuring every decision is deeply rooted in your core values and vision. TerDawn unveils the secrets to a fulfilling career that complements your spiritual path.

  • Growing Your Business, Growing Yourself: Learn how the journey to expanding your business is intertwined with your personal growth. TerDawn demonstrates how self-improvement fuels business success, paving the way for a journey of continuous learning and achievement.

  • Marketing that Gets Results, Strategies that Speak to the Soul: Dive into marketing strategies that not only reach but resonate with your target audience. TerDawn breaks down the art of creating impactful, soul-stirring marketing campaigns that drive results and build lasting connections.

  • Building Systems That Scale: Explore the nuts and bolts of developing robust systems that support sustainable business growth. TerDawn shares her bluepriFull Widthnt for building operational efficiencies that enable businesses to scale seamlessly and successfully.

  • Manifestation AND Methodology: Dive into the dynamic duo that is Manifestation and Methodology, and discover how these forces combine to supercharge your success. In this enlightening talk, TerDawn unravels the mystery of how blending the art of manifestation with the science of methodology creates an unstoppable force in your business and life. Learn the importance of not only visualizing your goals but also implementing concrete, strategic steps to achieve them.

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